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Translation and Proofreading

We have internal Translators and Proofreaders and a network of translators who work with us on a permanent basis, guaranteeing not only high-quality work (with a proven track record in Delta Língua projects), but also excellent responsiveness, even with the most urgent projects With regard to all the projects in which we have been involved, we would like to highlight some general aspects that characterise our work:

Faithful reproduction of the original layout. The most important thing is the content, of course, but if the translated files can reproduce the layout of the original files, so much the better.

Wide variety of topics translated (law, IT, photography, automotive, machinery and tools, economics, publishing, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, banking, insurance, etc).

Variety in the register required by each project: creativity in marketing and advertising texts, terminological accuracy in legal texts, precision and technical accuracy in instruction manuals and IT texts). A close relationship with our clients. Without technical support from our clients, it would be impossible to guarantee the accuracy of the terminology needed for each project. It is therefore essential to keep a good channel of communication open in order to achieve the best results when working on projects of high technical complexity.

In addition to the examples shown below, we have worked extensively on translations of other products:

Mobile communications equipment (product data sheets, instruction manuals, installation guides for new product, etc).

Newsletters. In areas such as airports and air transport, publishing, universities, banks, insurance companies, major retailers, etc.

Sales folders, advertising brochures, z-cards, point of sale promotional material, television and radio advertisement scripts.

Print, radio and television advertisements.

Two examples of projects on which we have worked: