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Who we are

DELTA LÍNGUA is a Portuguese company established in March 2000 by two Portuguese lawyer-translators, José Carlos Bernardes and Ângela Bernardes, who have worked with legal and technical translations since 1990.

We have a highly specialised team of translators, expert proofreaders, project managers, interpreters and other professionals, enabling us to deliver a wide range of services with the highest standards of quality.

Our mission is based on key values that make a difference and are of crucial importance for business and enterprise now and in the future:


Spirit of Partnership

A good translation can only be the result of a partnership between the translator and the client. Nobody knows the products and services that they produce or trade better than our clients and for this reason it is essential to establish communication channels to help answer questions and clarify terminology. When a translator asks questions, it’s a good sign!!


Delta Língua is firmly committed to using specialised translators and proofreaders who guarantee the reliability of the terminology used in our clients’ texts. Our project management methodology ensures a work flow with maximum control of the process and of the end result as presented to clients.


Our translators are carefully selected to ensure that we only work with native speakers of the languages they are translating into and who fulfil the requirements of the European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038:2006) and of ISO 9001:2008, which establishes a model for quality management. They are professionals with higher education qualifications in translation and/or in the specialist field in which they work. They work with cutting-edge translation support tools that help to streamline the work process and guarantee maximum accuracy and fidelity to the original.


A translation company must necessarily be a transparent part of the process, not only with regard to the text – seeking to avoid so-called “signs of translation” at all cost – but also with regard to the “timing” of the translation process. We therefore take into account the almost constant urgency of our clients’ requests, seeking to respond to their needs and always meeting the deadlines that we guarantee when accepting each job.


We aspire to be the natural language partner of an increasing number of organisations of national and global scope, offering a rapid response to the needs of our clients and adding value to their organisations.


To provide language communication solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client and market, with the force and transparency of the original message and in the specific language of each field. This mission is achieved through a solid focus on client needs, using highly qualified human resources, cutting-edge tools and knowledge of the market, while always striving for continuous improvement.